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Zafa Contracting

Zafa Asphalt, was established in 2011 by Owner and Managing Director, Zachari Fall-Brown. Zafa Contracting Pty Ltd, the privately-owned sister company of Zafa Asphalt commenced trading in July 2018 after an analysis of the future market and growth opportunities. The methodology behind the foundation of Zafa Contracting Pty Ltd is to expand the existing and future business of Zafa Asphalt and propel the “Zafa” brand forward; utilising the skills, expertise, resources and finances of 7 years of trading.


Zafa Contracting Pty Ltd is located in Elimbah QLD. We are a specialist contractor in the field of asphalt laying and maintenance. We offer a high quality of service to private entities, commercial, state and local government bodies.


Zafa Contracting Pty Ltd is all about providing a full Project Management service for all of its asphalting projects. With the machinery, manpower and experience to complete projects to the highest standards, Zafa differentiates itself by using a customer-first approach, delivering every project on time and within the budget.


Zac is the head of a highly-trained professional team, who have the means to partner with local contractors to provide a full range of asphalting services and products.


Our Quality Guarantee

Zafa Contracting is built on a foundation of quality & service. We pride ourselves on a delivering a start to finish project management system that takes the hassle away from our clients. If you're interested in discussing your next asphalt project, contact us today, we'd love to hear from you! 

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